6th Class (Kyu) Yellow Belt

The Yellow Belt starts with more of the basics. There is an emphasis on elbow, hammerfist and forearm smashes.  More attack combinations (three) are taught as well. Expansion upon the ability to evade  direct attacks by skillful taisabaki and immediate striking followups.

Defenses now address knife attacks -- to include virtually every possible knife threat situation that might occur, plus response to a knife being  pulled suddenly, or to being confronted by a poised "knife fighter" who jockeys about menacingly before closing in for the kill.  Additionally, defenses against committed knife stabs and thrusts.

How to defend against broken bottle attacks, mugging attacks, skillful wrestling type grips, and additional basic defense combinations.

How to use kiai properly and why it is valuable.  As with all levels, continual training  and development of all previously learned material.

7th Class White Belt

5th Class Green Belt

4th Class Purple Belt

3rd, 2nd and 1st Class Brown Belt

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